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Tittle-Pennic Grief Counseling & Consulting, LLC (TPGCC)

Going beyond the "5 stages of Grief"

As a Mental Health Therapist, I’m deeply committed to educating, guiding and supporting the well-being of  individuals in individual sessions or group settings learn how to journey into Grief Wellness. Grief Wellness is going beyond the linear stages that is popular in our grief avoidant society and leaning into the waves of grief. 

Our Services


Individual Therapy 

Tittle-Pennic Grief Counseling and Consulting provides short term individual therapy for individuals who are mourning a death or experiencing the challenging transitions of life that also lead to feelings of grief. 

Acceptable Payments:

UHS, Cigna Insurance, please review for copayment requirements.  

Self Pay Clients: $120 per session

SuperBill's can be submitted for insurance reimbursement for other insurances. 


Business Consults and Grief Coaching

Tittle-Pennic Grief Counseling and Consulting, LLC provides your business, school, or organization-consults, trainings and coaching on grief and loss issues that effect your  workplace or school campus. 

Contact for prices and hours


Support Groups

Tittle-Pennic Grief Counseling and Consulting, LLC is open up for grief and loss support groups virtual and in person. Individuals who are survivors of sibling loss, suicide death, child loss and more. 

Please Contact for more information on pricing and pending schedules.  a



On This Journey

Hello, I am Christal Pennic a Native of Nashville and a Licensed Mental Health Therapist. I specialize in grief and loss issues and provide talk therapy for adults ages 18+. I started my own grieving process at 14 years old after the death of my 18 year old brother. I know from experience that grief and loss, can cause one to lose a sense of self, decreasing hopes for the future and the dreams once pursued. 


Grief not only encompasses death and dying, but other transitions of life that include: loss of jobs, a new medical diagnosis, divorce, break ups, marriages, returning to the office after the pandemic, moves, navigating a promotion or witnessing community tragedies and more. 


I have worked with law enforcement and other local Metro systems to assist children and families who were victims or witnesses of crime. I have trained Law Enforcement officers on recognizing trauma symptoms in young people and themselves.

My services also reaches churches, organizations, universities and more-

 Grief Recovery groups and a grief and loss retreat coming in Fall 2023, stay tuned. 


 Allow me to join you on one of the hardest journey's ever traveled.